The official movie poster.

Hulk Part 1 of 2 is a fan film by Zebcast Studios made in 2012. It is based on the Marvel Comics character, Hulk.


David Bruce Banner is a scientist at Culver University, Virginia. He has to test the Gamma Fabricator, a gamma ray machine. Colonel Ryker was supposed to test it, but he was sick that day.

The Gamma Fabricator was leaking, and when Banner tripped over a collectible, the leaking gamma radiation dripped into his mouth. Bruce, contaminated, leaves the university to search for his brother Rick, who he thinks can help him.

At the Aromatherapy Company, Rick Banner is asked by Bruce if there is a cure for his radiated body, but Rick says no, but also warning him to not get angry.

After spiking his hand on a nail stuck in the wall, Bruce becomes a green monster and wrecks his home.

Later, the next day, Bruce is at a newsagents buying a paper, he reads the paper he bought, only to see that a green monster had wrecked his home in an article on the front page, he leaves, sad and distressed.


  • Ryan Woodward - David Bruce Banner.
  • Siobhan Burke - Betty Ross.
  • Gary Woodward - Rick Banner, Bruce Banner´s brother, who tries to help him.

To see the film, click HERE.