The Thrilling Batman and Robin was an action/crime web-series based on DC Comics characters Batman and
Dark knight logo

The series is set in the Christopher Nolan Batman universe, and the episodes feature the Dark Knight and his brand new partner Dick Grayson AKA Robin , who face old villains from the Nolan films as well as brand new ones, such as the Riddler.

It is now cancelled.

List of episodes of The Thrilling Batman and Robin


- Episode 1: Batman and his new sidekick Robin must catch the Joker, who has escaped from Arkham Asylum.

Villains: The Joker.

- Episode 2: After celebrating an Easter party, Batman and Robin must find out who shot a missile at the mall.

Villains: Calendar Man.

- Episode 3: Batman and Robin discover that former DA Harvey Dent is alive! But how?

Villains: Harvey Dent, Ra's al Ghul.

- Episode 4: Batman and Robin must find out who left a riddle written on the wall of the museum.

Villains: The Riddler.

- Episode 5: Batman and Robin must go to Paris to rescue the mayoress, who has been abducted by a monster.

Villains: Killer Croc.

- Episode 6: Harvey Dent has united all the villains from the past episodes to defeat the Dark Knight and his accomplice in a final battle. Batman and Robin must get ready to take down Dent for good in this war.

Villains: Harvey Dent, The Joker, Calendar Man, Ra´s al Ghul, The Riddler.