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Welcome to the Zebcast Studios WikiEdit

Zebcast Studios is a filmmaking company owned by Aydan Woodward and Gary Woodward. Over the years, Zebcast Studios has made various films. Some already complete and published, while some are in production. Zebcast Studios was founded by Aydan Woodward and Gary Woodward in 2007. To go to the Zebcast Studios YouTube Channel, click HERE.

A HistoryEdit

The company was originally founded as a father/son act in 2007, with the simple goal of making family films. But Aydan Woodward wanted more. He wished to show amateur films and creativity to the world, to demonstrate that anyone can make a film, and he has succeeded in raising interest.

Ever since the Zebcast Studios YouTube channel started in 2012, more and more creative people have made more and more low budget films for online viewing, some better than others; but without a doubt, a good number of them are inspired by the work of Zebcast Studios.

So if you and your friends ever wanted to make a movie... Why not? You only live once. Grab a camera, prepare a set, organize some actors... LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!

Most Popular Films Edit

Ranked from most viewed to least:

Films Edit

Zebcast Studios has made several films throughout the years, and the quality has improved so much with each one that arrives. Some are fan films based on other works, and some are completely original independent films.

  • For a fantastic superhero experience, watch Stormwatchers!
  • Witness the origin of Britain's greatest spy, in the 007 Trilogy.
  • Like video game movies? Assassins Creed Aborigines is the fan film for you!
  • Go back in time with Chronesthesia!

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